ALICE is a team of strategists and storytellers committed to positive impact. We work to strengthen connections and collaborations by the power of strategic storytelling.


We take a story-based approach to consulting, strategy development, program design and facilitation. Stories are the tools we use to make sense of the world and to connect with each other. We use storytelling frameworks to build trust, to elicit engagement, to cohere teams, to name goals, to launch businesses, and to navigate planning processes.

Anatomy of a Strategic story


TRUST FIRST.  We prioritize trust-based relationships, understanding that trust is a critical ingredient in effective collaboration. Without trust, teams, projects, strategies, companies and networks lack the foundation they need to achieve their highest potential.

RELATIONSHIPS, NOT TRANSACTIONS.  We bring a relational mindset to our work and believe lasting impact is borne of collaboration rooted in inclusivity and designed with an equity lens. To create equitable processes that build strong relationships, we take time to consider how the elements of interaction—language, setting, timing, tools, delivery—create barriers to access, particularly for marginalized communities. We listen deeply and respond respectfully.

SOLID PURPOSE, FLEXIBLE PROCESS.  We develop shared purpose and then create intentional processes that provide guidance and achievement milestones while encouraging iteration and emergence. We maintain a curious mindset and believe that evolving our thinking as we learn leads to more effective strategies and more impactful outcomes.

NO WEird-shaming.  We are creative brainstormers who welcome unsung, unusual and unexpected ideas. We know that diversity of lived experience, leadership style, intelligence and skill set sparks innovation and breakthroughs. We celebrate our unique voice and yours. We are never formulaic without intention, even if that means we’re trying something for the first time, just for you.

CHOOSE JOY.  We are serious professionals committed to supporting efforts that take on serious issues, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We do work that we love with people who inspire us. We have fun and you will, too!


Winston Ross


Over two decades, Winston Ross  worked his way from cub reporter at a newspaper in the Inland Northwest to senior writer at Newsweek Magazine. He has won multiple national and regional awards for his work on investigative and longform narrative projects that took months to research and write. He asks insightful questions, conducts web-based research and distills complex bodies of work into clear and engaging narratives.



Discover your Strategic Story in webinars, keynotes, retreats, half-day, and full-day programming.


We design and facilitate conversations and convenings with a bias for action. Our trust-building activities weave individual and collective stories together to illuminate shared purpose, name intentions and move important initiatives forward.


We partner with clients to design, launch, revise and reimagine strategies for impact. Our story-based tools enhance process navigation, strategy ideation, culture building, research and analysis, program implementation and strategic clarity.


Our strategic story framework uncovers the threads that comprise a central narrative. We prepare clients to develop clear communication, shared purpose, strategic direction and dynamic team structures to execute effective impact strategies. We also co-create content for business plans, pitch decks, websites and brand campaigns.


Storytelling for Leaders

Portland State Center for Executive and Professional Education

Portland, Oregon

February 21, 2020

Custom Workshops

Our Strategic Story workshops are for change leaders, organizations, teams and students seeking to deepen their purpose and strengthen their work.




"Winston helped our company develop a surprisingly effective storytelling strategy at a critical time. He has a unique approach that’s based on a reporter’s understanding of how narrative can be applied, and it works wonders."

— Mowgli Holmes, Founder & CEO, Phylos Bioscience


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